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Southridge Wind Ensemble -- 2019 OSAA Championships

Three ensembles comprise Southridge High School’s concert ensemble curriculum that meet during the regular school day. The Southridge Concert Band is composed primarily of freshmen musicians new to the high school experience and constitutes the first step in the student's high school band tenure. Following Southridge Concert Band, students typically progress to the Southridge Symphonic Band to study more advanced concepts and literature and stretch their capabilities to the next level. The Southridge High School Wind Ensemble is an audition-only ensemble that features Southridge High School's most advanced instrumental musicians and is the pinnacle of the Southridge concert ensemble experience. All three concert ensembles perform several concerts throughout the school year. The Southridge High School Wind Ensemble also competes at OSAA sanctioned Wind Ensemble competitions within the region each school year.


Wind Ensemble auditions are conducted in the spring for the following school year, with periodical auditions conducted throughout the school year. Although the majority of the Wind Ensemble is comprised of seniors, juniors and some sophomores, it is not entirely uncommon for freshmen to audition for and be placed in Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble based on their abilities. Incoming freshmen are encouraged to audition if they feel that either Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble would be a better fit for them than Concert Band.

Southridge Jazz Band - 2019 Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival

Southridge High School features two jazz ensembles: Jazz I and Jazz II. Both jazz ensembles meet during Zero Period before school. Jazz I is Southridge High School's advanced jazz ensemble and is comprised of many of Southridge High School's most advanced instrumental students. Jazz II is Southridge High School's introductory jazz ensemble. Both ensembles perform several concerts throughout the school year, including at SIMDE's largest fundraiser of the year, Jazz and Dine. The Jazz I ensemble also competes at sanctioned jazz ensemble competitions throughout the region. Jazz students will also often form their own jazz combos or trios.

Southridge Marching Ensemble - 2014 NWAPA Championships

The Southridge High School Marching Ensemble is among the best programs offered at Southridge High School. All Southridge band students, especially incoming freshmen, are encouraged to participate, as it is the part of the Southridge Band program that students say is the most fun, generates a real bond with the band program and creates lasting friendships with their fellow bandmates.


Each year, the Southridge Marching Ensemble (which includes the Southridge Color Guard) participates in a brand new, custom-designed show that incorporates music, field marching, dance and props in an exciting, challenging and theatrical performance. Marching Band begins at the end of summer with a two-week band camp where the students receive additional, targeted instruction specific to their instrument and begin learning the new show. Rehearsals continue into the fall, including at football games, where the show is performed at halftime of each home game. Each fall, the Southridge Marching Ensemble competes at five NWAPA-sanctioned marching band competitions, culminating with the NWAPA Championships, which are typically held at either Autzen Stadium in Eugene or Reser Stadium in Corvallis. Marching bands from all over the Northwest attend the NWAPA Championships and Southridge High School has a long and illustrious history of being one of the premier marching ensembles in the state of Oregon. This is one experience you DO NOT want to miss.

Southridge Indoor Percussion - 2016 Sherwood Showcase

Once the Marching Ensemble season is over, students have the opportunity to participate in our Indoor Percussion program. This allows for percussionists and front ensemble students within the Marching Ensemble to continue to build skills that will translate to the Marching Ensemble in the following year. Indoor Percussion also provides students with no percussion experience the opportunity to learn a new instrument as no experience is necessary to join!

Disney's The Little Mermaid - 2019 - Part of Your World

Each spring, the Southridge High School theater, choir, and band departments produce a musical theater production performed on the auditorium's main stage. 

The Pit Orchestra is an audition-only ensemble composed of woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, piano, and synth that performs the show music live with each performance. Pit Orchestra is a LOT of fun and students can earn over 100 hours of service learning credits for participating. Recent performances include Disney's The Little Mermaid, The Little Shop of Horrors, The Addam's Family, Big Fish, Monty Python's Spamalot and Shrek.

Southridge vs. Beaverton 2020

Basketball Band (sometimes referred to as Pep Band) performs at all men's and women’s home basketball games throughout the basketball season. This band also travels to post-season playoff venues such as McArthur Court in Eugene and the Chiles Center in Portland. A rich mix of modern and classic rock, jazz, funk, and hip-hop are played throughout the games. This is a fun and high energy band that students love.

Southridge Winter Guard - 2018 NWAPA Championships

The Southridge Color Guard and Dance Ensembles offers a unique and varied dance education to its students. Competing with the Marching Ensemble in the fall as the Color Guard is a major component of this ensemble. At the conclusion of the Marching Ensemble season, the ensemble has the ability to perform on its own during the Winter Guard season. In both instances, dance is the foundation of these ensembles. Various dance disciplines are studied and incorporated into these performances including ballet, modern, jazz, and hip-hop. Strength conditioning, Pilates and yoga are also employed throughout the program. Southridge offers one or two high school units and one middle school unit each year.


Available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, AP Music Theory covers the basics of music theory all the way through college-level materials. The AP Music Theory course can help students strengthen their performance skills in addition to improving the student’s understanding of the mechanics and theories of music composition. Students who pass the AP Music Theory exam in May will receive college credit from most institutions.

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